lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

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uBoard will be the most practical portable interactive whiteboard system you’ve ever experienced.
It is only achievable with PenAndFree’s patented technologies and rich experiences in digital writing system.

These fully featured uBoard will be positioned as unique system satisfying quality, stability, durability, user convenience and even price.
For anyplace prepared beam projector, computer and vertical flat surface, uBoard simple makes it INTERACTIVE lecture environment in a second.

Fast Response Time

Smart Writing

High Durability

High Portability

Easy to Use

Part Item Description
Station Effective working area 100 inches (Ideally 120 inches)


IR + Ultrasound with PenAndFree's
VPOT patent technology
USB Device Class USB HID Standard pen device
Signal frequency 40Khz
Easy access button

5 functional capacitance touch buttons

Wireless (Optional Model) 2.4 GHz RF


220mm x 30mm x 18mm

Wire model : USB 5 Volt / 100mA
Wireless model : Li-polymer
rechargeable battery

Digital pen


3.7V / 180mAH


Rechargeable Ri-poly battery
Recharging terminal Earphone typed rechargeable jack
Button 2 buttons. Right button, eraser button
Battery monitoring LED Indicator
Full recharging time 1 hour
Continuous pen operating time

15 hours

Power saving mode Automatic power saving mode after 10 Sec. idle time
USB recharging cable USB + Earphone typed Jack (1 M)
Dimension (Height x Diameter) 130mm x 15mm
Part Item Description


Pentium compatible


Intel / AMD : 1 GHz or more

Interface USB 1.1 or higher

Operating system

XP, Vista, Win7
Environment RAM

1GB or more


0-90RH+35°C(Non condensing)

Operating temperature

10°to +40°C



Calibration SW

Ink Note

Window Journal
(for Windows XP /Vist a / 7 Home Basic Edition )

ACE Board

- Pen type/ Line /Thickness / Eraser
- Drawing / Ruler / Background templates / Snapshot / Print
- Multi-page / windows navigation
- Curtain hiding / Magnify / Recording and many others

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